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Hear From Our Clients...

After learning Michelle’s secrets to the real estate business I was able to step into clarity and really lay out the foundation to my business. With a plan in place there is no way I can ever go back to uncertainty about my business. I was able to create successful wholesale deals and even start on my first rehab deal! Excited for what the future holds!
-Vanessa Whitmore

Words from our Clients...

We learned a lot from our first flip. We have our eyes set on flipping and wholesaling properties and sacrificed a lot to see this vision come to past! We couldn't have done it without our mentors Camilo Palacio and Michelle Paez. Camilo Palacio was able to help us get the terms of the loan lowered. That itself paid for the class tuition. Thank you so much Camilo and Michelle. Things would have been so much different without you guys and we would of ended up paying way more than necessary. As Camilo said in our training "Everything is negotiable" and Michelle said "you don't know until you ask"!
May and Emmanuel Gordon
Cats Flow Properties Academy Graduates

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